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Tribute to Benito Pérez Galdós in the street of the same name. An important figure for Bailén given that he wrote about this region in his famous “Episodios nacionales” (National Episodes).

Plaza Spetses

This square, built as a true reflection of the twinning between Bailén and the Greek town of Spetses, is a symbol that displays unity between towns. Both towns belong to the European Historical Re-enactment Network, other members of which also include Cork and Dublin in Ireland, Slavkov in the Czech Republic, Tewkesbury in the United […]

Plaza Yapeyú

This square was inaugurated in honour of the Father of Argentina, José de San Martín, during the Festival of 1994. It was named Yapeyú (birthplace of the liberator of the southern cone of South America), and in commemoration of his participation in the Battle of Bailén. During this event and upon the suggestion of the […]

Plaza Reding

This square was built in the 20th century in honour of the Spanish General who was born and raised in Switzerland, Teodoro Reding de Biberegg. Reding was responsible for activating the Porcuna Plan, created by Castaños, that helped them to be victorious on that glorious day in 1808. A bronze sculpture was unveiled in 2008 […]

Plaza España

Walking around the neighbourhood where the town’s ancient fortress once stood, we reach the Plaza de España. Its interior is home to the monument to General José de San Martín, donated by the Sanmartiniano Institute in July 1972. Upon analysing the structure, two clearly differentiated sections can be seen. On the one hand, the top […]

Paseo de la Palmeras

This well-known park was built in 1933 with a contemporary style and known as Paseo de las Palmeras. The initiative stemmed from the then Mayor, Cristóbal Marín Ruíz Castellanos, to alleviate the town’s unemployment, where the allegorical Monument to the Battle of Bailén was built, flanked by 77 palm trees. The work was designed by […]

Glorieta Virgen de Zocueca

It was built in the 19th century, near to the house where the heroine of Bailén lived, María Bellido. It was an area surrounded by orchards thanks to the abundance of water, so much so that its interior housed a stone fountain which, in times gone by, supplied locals with water. To fill their flagons, […]

Plaza General Castaños (El paseo)

Here is also where there was once, if not the most famous, at least one of the most famous post houses in Spain. A continuous hustle and bustle of carriages would pass through here given that this was an essential route along the Camino Real towards the Kingdom’s Capital, providing Bailén with what we could […]